Aftercare for the Digital Age

Use the convenience of text messaging to run an aftercare program that develops relationships and builds your business.

Win the SEO game while delivering the best aftercare product on the market.
Domanicare Reviews™ integrates seamlessly into the Domanicare Aftercare™ program, allowing you to foster relationships with your families and generate positive Google reviews at the same time. Each message that is sent through Domanicare Reviews is customized to deliver the best possible experience and highest possible conversion rate.
Results only achieved through text messaging:


Open Rate


Response Rate


Increase Revenue
Customized and personalized for your funeral home

All messages and surveys are customized for your funeral home and approved by you and your staff

All messages come from a 10-digit number with your local area code

Ability to send “Ringless Voicemail.” A custom voicemail greeting straight to the voicemail box of your families

All messages will address each person by name

Becoming the #1 Funeral Home in your area is easier than you think.

With Domanicare Reviews, simply send an invitation via text and get a review within 30 seconds.

Why should I choose a text message-based aftercare program for my funeral home?

As a funeral director or funeral home owner, you care about your community and want to help the families you serve to during the difficult time after the death of a loved one and the grieving process.

During the at-need arrangement conference, you develop a personal relationship with these families and as much as you would like to stay connected after the funeral service, your day-to-day tasks as a funeral professional can prevent you from having the time to support all your families. Instead of being able to support your families all the way through the grief process, you find yourself only supporting them through making the funeral arrangements.

Using text-based aftercare services, you are able to continue the relationship that began at the at-need arrangement table. Sending a personalized text message is a non-intrusive way to check in on the family and show your emotional support for the family that recently suffered a loss.

What makes Domanicare different than other text messaging programs?

Domanicare is the first text message-based aftercare program in the funeral industry. It was built by funeral professionals, for funeral professionals. Domanicare uses what is known as longcode messaging capabilities meaning that your text messages come from a real, local, 10-digit phone number instead of a 5-digit shortcode messaging service.

Because Domanicare uses this longcode texting format and works with you on customizing the messages, it doesn’t feel like a machine is spamming your inbox, it feels like each message was personally crafted and customized by you (because it was).

Can my families respond to the text messages?

Of course! Each message is crafted in a way that doesn’t need a response, but there are often messages of gratitude or questions that do come up. The responses are managed by our highly-trained team and every response is sent to you in a monthly or weekly report so you will know exactly what conversations are happening about your funeral home and the services you provide.

Any question or issue that does arise, (such as needing additional death certificates, etc.) is immediately escalated to you and your staff to be able to provide the services in a professional and timely manner.

I have multiple locations, do I have to get more than one Domanicare account?

No. The Domanicare platform is completely customizable and is able to use your name or the name of the funeral director at a different location depending on the message type and who has the relationship with the family.

Because the messages come from a 10-digit phone number with the local area code, if you have a location in a different area code and would like to have messages sent from that area code as well, a second account would be available at a discount.

Do I have to enroll all my families in the Domanicare program?

No. You are able to tailor who receives these messages every bit as much as the messages themselves. You only submit the families who you want to enroll.

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